Corporate Prayer

we are going to offer ‘In House’ corporate prayer as well as running the Zoom of that ‘in person’ prayer at the church so that those who do NOT want to come to the church CAN STILL participate…..

**we will have a laptop setup so that the people at the church can see those that are participating via online through zoom and we will be able to hear the prayers of those praying throughout this prayer event…

**REMINDER:  you do NOT have to pray outloud, you can join in & agree in prayer with those who do wish to pray ‘outloud’.  The method of this corporate prayer is ‘conversational prayer’…

here is an excerpt from an online article that explains ‘conversational prayer’:

“During a time of conversational prayer, the group members talk to God the same way they would talk to a friend who is in the room with them. Members should use everyday conversational language. Encourage the group (especially a group unfamiliar with group prayer) to feel free to pray sentence prayers, expressing only a brief thought in six words or so [it can be longer for our meeting]. They don’t have to pray long, elaborate prayers. Everyone is free to pray, or not to pray, as the Spirit directs. Don’t be concerned about silence – allow God to speak to you and the other individuals in the group during times of silence””

**this prayer event will start at 7:00 pm….we will start praying at 7:05…..if you join late (whether in person or via zoom) just join along

**this is completely NEW territory for us…we’ve never tried to do a live & zoom aspect before.  We are going to take this week to week & see how it goes.






May 21 2020


7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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