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Are you looking for lasting hope?

We believe that we live in a world devoid of hope.  People are looking everywhere for some type of hope in this caustic, hate filled, and divided world.  We, imperfect people at best, have found real & lasting hope in the person of Jesus Christ.  It is our goal to be an authentic, fun, & welcoming church where people who do not have it all together, just like us, find this hope.  Will you join us on this journey of faith & discovery?

 It’s not about coming TO something, it’s about finding someone & becoming something

 We would be so excited to meet you and introduce ourselves to you.    Scroll down to see some FAQ’s about what to expect and to plan a visit with us

Frequently Asked Questions


What people are saying about the OD:

"This place welcomes you like family. I love it!!!!"Kenny Johnson

"I think that this is the most wonderful church that I have ever attended. The spirit is always active and the people are the friendliest. My wife and I will stay at this church for a long time."Johnnie Harrison

"[The] OD has helped me grow with Christ and has taught me how to have a personal relationship with God. The people and Pastoral staff are friendly and loving. They will make you feel like family. There is no judgement at this church, only great relationships♡ I am proud to call this church my home. I love this church! ."Kassi Fleckinger

"I've never felt the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ flow into my heart when I've entered [a] room before. I can honestly say I have now."Colin Moritz

"It's more than a Church, it's a family"Cheyenne Rene

Let us know you're coming!

Let’s face it, visiting a church for the first time can be a little intimidating and awkward.  WE LOVE PEOPLE!  Our goal is to help make your first visit to the OD great & to help you make a connection with Jesus and with His people!
We want to make you feel included, not isolated and sticking out.
We want to MEET YOU no matter how you are dressed, what you believe, or what kind of baggage you bring with you. 

 To make your first visit easier you can let us know you are coming & we will:

  • Meet you at the front door
  • Have a small breakfast of donuts & juice/milk  just for you (and your family)
  • Introduce you around (if you would like)
  • Help you get children checked into our JAM or AMPED children’s ministries
  • Give you a tour of the church
  • Save seats for you in a nice place where you blend right in and not ‘stick out’
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY